Beautiful woodland along the Strawberry Line


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The Dulcote Pound after vegetation clearance and soil removal, November 2017

At this moment (Winter 2017/2018), a small number of incredibly committed volunteers have taken it upon themselves to restore the old cattle pound right by the Strawberry Line near Dulcote to its former glory. Over the last few months, a retired farmer has showed real perseverance and gradually cleared the crumbling structure of all vegetation. Incredibly, a seasoned stonemason has generously offered to rebuild the pound walls for free; all we need now is to raise about £500 for materials to bring the pound back to life, and preserve this important and rare relic of Somerset's agricultural heritage for generations to come. Any surplus money would go towards reinstating a wooden gate.

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Give generously, and we might be able to finish the pound before Christmas!

A bit of history...

Animal pounds were used all over England between the 16th and 19th centuries (and often earlier) to impound stray livestock until claimed by the owner. The pound at Dulcote would have been used mainly for cattle. It is highly likely that the present pound was built by the East Somerset Railway Company around 1860 to replace an older pound that would have had to make way for the railway line. The two Lombardy poplars either side of the pound were planted to make the pound visible, and findable, from a distance. Not many pounds remain in Somerset, but in Stanton Prior and Hutton are two well-preserved examples.